Tuesday, June 16, 2015

And So We Begin

Words cannot describe how excited I am to head out on this study abroad to Mérida, Mexico.  It´s hard to believe that I will be there in seven short days!  It is nice that, after two years of hoping, dreaming, and working, that this trip has finally become a reality.

I have started this blog so that I would have an easy way to share my experiences in Mérida with my friends and family.  At the moment, I am planning making this a daily blog (once, of course, I am actually in Mérida).  This is because when I come home from my trip, I plan on printing out my posts and getting the bound together to create a little memory book of my time in Mérida.  (You know, for posterity´s sake).

Here´s to safe travels!

R. J. Carr