Thursday, August 6, 2015

The Exhilarating Life

Today was a pretty good day.  Got up a little late for school, so I didn't have time to eat breakfast this morning.  Christina too, was running late, and since she had to stop by the bank to get some money, she told me to just go on ahead and that'd she'd be right behind me.  So off I went to the bus stop.  (Scott and Conner were there).  It didn't take too long for the bus to show up and soon we were on our way (and I was listening to my John Denver music).

Class was pretty exciting.  We had to young Mayans come and visit our class and talk about their lives (it was an interview kind of set up.  We even arranged the desks in a rectangle, with everyone sitting on the outside).  It was pretty cool to listen to them talk about their community (both spoke fluent Spanish) and how tight knit those small communities are (as compared to a city).  During break (thank you, Profe, for saying something to the teacher so that we could get our break!), I went to go some doughnuts from the vending machine and got to overhear them talking in Mayan (both were standing next to the wall across from the vending machine).  It was pretty cool.  At the end of the class we did a teacher evaluation.  It was probably one of the most hardest evaluations I've filled out.  Probably because it was all in Spanish.

Our next class went all right.  Did some review stuff.  Played some fun games.  I even learned that my teacher has an 8 month old baby!  I didn't even know that he was married!  Guess you learn something new every day.

After class, I headed home.  Solo style.  It was SO exhilarating.  Mainly because I knew exactly what I was doing, where I was going, and what to do if I randomly got lost (which I didn't).  It was just cool to walk to the bus stop, alone.  Get on the bus, alone.  Get off it, alone.  And still be alive!  (Not that I expected anything to happen).  Course, I wouldn't ever do that at night (that's just dumb), but during the day, it was totes chill.  What was fun is, since I was alone, I was able to take a lot of pictures of the streets without getting weird looks from a fellow student.  I would share those on this blog, but their photos of the streets I live on and I don't like posting location things on a public blog.  Thus, I will be posting those pictures later on Facebook, after I've come back home.

Anyway, after getting off the bus, I actually stopped at the bank (and a shoe store on the way back from the bank) before returning home (and, I actually ran into Christina on the way home.  Quite serendipitous).  Then I put down my bag and went immediately to the kitchen to try some of that brownie goodness the Profe and his wife left us last night.  IT'S SO GOOD.   For rizzles.  Totes gonna bring some with me on the trip to Soltun tomorrow.

Anyway, after all that, Christina and I didn't do much.  I did go through the painful process of buying books for the upcoming semester.  (That was...exhilarating).  And Christina and I talked about some pretty deep things.

At 2 PM we went and had lunch (meatball soup thingy).  It was yummy, but both our tummies were not happy afterwards (don't worry, both of us are feeling better now).  At about 3:30 PM, Christina went to go get the cake for Brandon's birthday.  I decided to stay home and get ready for the temple (we were going to go to the 5 o'clock session).  Well, 4:30 PM rolls around and Christina walks in the door (we ended up not going to the temple today).  The store she went to originally didn't have any good cakes, so she'd ended up having to go check out the other store.  Then she went to drop it off at Profe's house, but he wasn't there.  So, she ended up coming back, cake in hand.

Anyway, we decided then to just wait round a few hours before heading up to the centro for Brandon's birthday celebration.  So about 7 PMish we head out.  We missed the first bus (it kind of just ignored us white people), but the second bus that came round stopped for us.  We went all the way to the Centro, which, on the way there, we totally saw Brandon out of the window.  We called for him, but he didn't hear us.  So he ended up passing our bus.  Luckily Profe was right behind us, so Brandon was able to get a ride with him.  Anyway, at the Centro, we got off, then headed to Los Trompos (to celebrate Brandon's birthday).

For tonight's dinner, I got...dang...suddenly can't remember the name.  I want to say it was choc pibil?  Well, whatever it was, it was good.  The first two tacos I didn't do spicy at all (mainly because I didn't realize that the stuff I was putting on it wasn't spicy).  But on the third one, I totally decked it out.  I put on all three sauces (only one was spicy), the onion & cilantro mix, and some lime.  The burst of flavors was just SO GOOD.  (I should mention, I also got some Jamaica to drink,  YUM).  

When we were all done, the workers came out and sung happy birthday to Brandon (in the true Mexican way), during which we all got to wear hats!

I got the cool joker one.

Then we had cake!  (The Professor brought the cake with him.  Which, I was glad we got it to him --- he picked it up after we left --- because if we'd had to take it on the bus, it would've been a disaster because we ended up having to stand for most of the time).  I should just say...that cake was delicious!  Christina did a good job of picking it out.

After dinner, Christina, Brandon, and I decided to go to the concert thing (not quite sure where it was).  It was so fun to watch!  And I finally got to see the Jarana!  We only stayed for the dance part, though (we left after the band's first song).  Here's some videos I took:

They stepped it up a notch by balancing boxes with glasses in it on their head!  At one point they spun round in circles.  Nobody dropped their box.  Whew!

On our way to the bus (well, more like, we turned round to leave) I saw this vendor selling Mayan shirts.  I asked how much they were and they were only 120 pesos!  (I'd talked to the other girls and they'd said they were 300 pesos, which I wouldn't have been able to afford).  Anyway, probably not as good quality, but I tried it on when I got home, and it's super cute!!

Quick funny note.  So, we get to our stop (we being Christina and I.  Brandon had already gotten off - his stop is before ours) and see Scott and Conner walking right in front of us.  So I was like, "Scott!  Conner!"  And apparnetly I nearly gave Scott a heart attack (his face was classic) and he was like, "Geez!  I thought you were someone who was gonna shank me!"  I just laughed and apologized for scaring him so badly.  Anyway, we talked for a few minutes (had a pretty fun conversation) before going our separate ways.

Yep. Then Christina and I came home, tried on our shirts.  And now it is time to go to bed.  (Tomorrow we are getting up a little early, but not TOO early.  Thank goodness!!)

'Til Tomorrow.

R J Carr

PS Fun culture note:  Most of the dinner restaurants here don't open til 8 PM cause people here eat so late!

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