Tuesday, August 4, 2015

I Miss my American Toliet

Today wasn't too exciting.  Mostly because I woke up sick last night and still wasn't feeling well in the morning, so I decided it would be best to stay home and rest.  But, I did pass the morning with Princess Diaries II and Kung Fu Panda II (guess today was a day of sequels).  I didn't finish Kung Fu Panda, mainly cause the internet froze.  

Anyway, when my roommate came home from school, I went and did my homework with her and Conner.  It was one of the hardest assignments I've done.  Mainly because we were using bank vocab, and I didn't even know what those words meant in English!  Apparently I need to take a banking class or something.  Nevertheless, we were able to get it done relatively quickly, which was nice (especially since I still wasn't feeling too hot).  Here's something entertaining that occurred during study time:

The fan was causing this phenomenon

Afterward, I returned to my room and started working on some homework.  It wasn't long before lunch (pork fajitas!).  What was fun is Christina and I had a nice long chat with MM afterwards.  We probably talked for about an hour and a half?  Mainly about politics and childbirth (that's just what happens when a bunch of women get together).  MM was so funny.  It was so fun to talk with her.  (And hey, I even understood most of what she was saying!)

Also, while on the subject of speaking Spanish, Christina and I have still been doing pretty good on speaking a lot of Spanish.  We definitely speak it more than we used to :)  It's a shame we didn't start doing so earlier.  But it's always harder to get to know someone when you only talk with them in Spanish, which is probably why we stuck to English for so long.

After lunch, I came in and did my homework (again.  We have a lot for tomorrow).  Christina left shortly after to go to a dancing thing.  I would have gone if I didn't feel like the walking dead.  While she was gone, I did get a lot of homework done.  (And look!  There was a page in our book with a picture of Uxmal!  It was so cool to be able to look at that and say, I've been there!):

I also rested some more.  At one point it started raining and thundering.  We even lost our power for a split second.  Okay, probably more like 5 seconds - which meant that we also lost our internet for about ten minutes, which was unfortunate since I was using it for homework.  Luckily the moment passed :)

About dinner time, Christina came back.  During which time I began to have a hilarious conversation with my sister Jennifer (via Facebook chat), which was fun.  About 8:15 PM we had some dinner (hotcakes!!)  Following which, Christina was kind enough to go to the store with me to buy chocolate.  (I was in some for rizzle need for chocolatey goodness).  Luckily it wasn't raining too much on the walk over there.  The trip went pretty quick, the only hold up was waiting in line (the person before us was having problems with one of their items.  So we probably waited 5 or 6 minutes for that to be resolved).  Here's the chocolate I bought:

After we got back, I ate some of that goodness.  (It was yummy.  But it tasted different than the stuff in the states) and watch Avatar.  Now I'm writing my blog and still watching Avatar (cause Avatar:  The last airbender is the BEST).  

As for my blog title, our toilet has been super blogged for several days.  We keep hoping it'll fix itself if we keep flushing it, but we'll see (we don't want to ask our MM to unplug it yet.  Last time it fixed itself because we kept flushing it).  It's sad that it's a common thing for toilets to not work here because the sewage system is so bad (I mean, you see how flooded their streets get.  It's not surprise their toilets don't work well).  In fact, I felt so passionate about missing my American toilet today that I even wrote a fbook post about it #legit:

That's basically it for today.  I apologize if my blog seemed sporadic and not well written today.  I'm still pretty out of it.  Hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow!

R J Carr

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