Thursday, August 13, 2015

El último día en la playa

*Phew*  Finally catching up with my blog posts.  Thus saying, this is my blog post for Monday, August 10th of the year 2015.  Now known as the Last Day on Earth.  I mean, the Last Day at the Beach.

Ahem.  *Looks at notes written on phone, then travels back in time*  (Humor me and pretend I actually wrote this on Monday).

Today I got up at 9ish AM.  Then, without further ado, I got ready for the beach (i.e. got my bathing suit on and my bag packed).  Following which, I ate some breakfast (eggs and ham).  After breakfast, I snuck out (ninja like) and headed to...the bank!  Because I was low on money.  Luckily, that didn't take too long, and I was back at the house in about ten minutes.  Upon my return, I finished packing up my bag (with peanut butter sandwiches from MM).  Cute quick story:  So, I had to wash and fill up my water bottles (I had two plastic ones I was taking with me to the beach).  On the way back, I found one of the kittens being all ninja like (must have seen my awesomeness and decided to copy).  So I picked him up, and went to find MM (wanted to make sure that it was okay for him to be indoors).  I discovered MM cutting the dogs' hair in the hallway by our door (which explained how the cat had gotten inside) and she told me it was okay if he stayed in, so I let him down, and he pattered over to his mamma and followed her round (kittens are SO CUTE).

Round that time, Ellora showed up (it was about 11 AM by this time) to go to the beach with us.  We left a few minutes after she arrived and headed for the Progresso bus stop (about a 10 minute walk from our house).  When we got on the bus, I'll admit, I was surprised at how full it was!  Luckily, I was able to get a seat (Ellora ended up sitting on Christina's lap, see?):

About 30 minutes later, we arrived at Progresso (i.e. the beach).  It was super busy, I was surprised. But I found out that it was the day before school started, or something like that, so a lot of people decided to come to the beach.  Anyway, we looked around for a little bit, at all the different shops.  And we even found a fruteria (fruit stand)!  
You can't see it in the picture, but there's a lot of bees and different bugs swarming round the fruit.  It was...nice?

Shortly after this, we found a leather shop owned by an American who is raising money for impoverished Mayans.  He had a lot to say about Merida and the Mayans.  He went on for about an hour about all the bad stuff that happens in the Yucatan, and I was like...yes, I realize bad things happen.  But do we have to dwell on it for so long?  I wish I could do something for those impoverished, and I can.  I can give them things, money, food.  But I can't give them opportunities, not now.  And opportunities is really the only way to help people.  I mean, truly help them.

Moving on.

Finally, after an hour-ish of looking around, we reached the beach!  We tanned (I didn't even burn!  Okay, my neck and face got kind of burned.  But for the most part, I just tanned).  For the first part, I did a little studying (had my little umbrella I used to shade me from the sun.  I had to move it to the side so I could get some of the ocean breeze on my face.  WAY too hot without the cool ocean breeze) and put my feet in the water.  Probably an hour later we left to go find food.  We found a cute little resteraunt.  I didn't order any food (I was SO tired at this point), but Ellora and Christina did.

Afterwards, we went back to the beach.  This time I got in the water (forget the studying!)  Stayed out there for about an hour, just chatting with Christina and enjoying the waves.  Eventually, got out and dried off (poor Ellora was so burned).  I took some pictures (I really didn't want to leave).

On our way back to the bus, we stopped to get a coconut.  My first one!  It was...all right.  Ellora's tasted better than the one Christina and I got.  Also, I was surprised at how heavy it was!


After that, we looked for ice cream!  I can't remember the name of the place we found, but it was all right.  Not the best ice cream place I've eaten at.  Along the way, I spotted the light house!  So I took a picture of it.

At about 4:30 PM we got on the bus and headed back home (I sat next to Ellora and we listened to some tunes).  By the time we arrived in Merida, it was raining. Luckily, not too heavily.  Ellora got off first, then some time later, Christina and I found our stop, then walked home.  We got slightly lost, but we found our way again!  

And it sure was fun walking in the rain and thunder.  We found this cool house:

A little while later, we reached the park by our house.  I took some pictures of it.

Being the mature ladies we are, Christina and I decided to stop in front of the church (right behind the park) and splash in the puddles.  It was SO fun.  I've never gone puddle splashing.  But with my bathing suit on and having found clean puddles to jump in (i.e. puddles not on the road), I couldn't resist.

 And for your daily science lesson:

After all that, we came home, showered, then I studied and stared at Facebook.  (Really was having a hard time studying.  I was just so exhausted).  Ate dinner (tried not to loose it.  I think I had four burritos.  They were yummy.  My stomach was just a little non-cooperative).  At some point, I began packing for my trip home.  (Mainly, I threw clothes into my suitcase).  Shortly after I headed to bed.

Random note:  I got cat called A LOT today.  Let's just say, that is one thing I will NOT miss from Mexico.  Why?  Because it's annoying.  NOT a fan.


That's all.

'Til Tomorrow (or, ya know, when I write up the next blog).

R J Carr


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